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Connecting and empowering people to create a sustainable world

(Act) for Tomorrow

Have you designed a grassroots solution that is helping move us closer to a more sustainable world? Are you an engaged, concerned individual who wants to know how to help? Have you witnessed promising, innovative solutions by and for the community? Now, more than ever, nothing can be taken for granted. As the pace of change accelerates, each of us must play a crucial part in shaping a more sustainable world.
Small acts make for big change

for Tomorrow will launch as a crowdsourcing platform that connects solution holders to the knowledge and expertise of the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Labs. It will feature bottom-up solutions that make a real impact in their communities. These might integrate new methods of identifying or co-creating solutions with community members, or they might provide new or improved processes that connect local entrepreneurs and the informal community to consumers, especially during the pandemic. Small as they might be, these acts all add up to make a tangible contribution to addressing the sustainability problems that face us all.

for Tomorrow will celebrate the power of grassroots solutions and foster the cross-pollination of solutions around the globe. Our objective is to build a better tomorrow by accelerating the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 interconnected targets that address global challenges.

The Sustainable Development Goals —
A universal call to action

We’ll begin by focusing on SDG 11, the United Nations’ call to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable by 2030. Our focus will be on shaping the future of mobility and urban living according to the principles of Progress for Humanity: How can people mitigate their impact on the environment while making cities more inclusive, safe and sustainable? Can we design solutions that tackle the worsening issues of waste collection, air pollution, and unplanned urban sprawl? How do local communities self-organize when confronted with inadequate and overburdened infrastructure and services?
Can new transportation models improve connections between urban and rural areas while still prioritizing sustainable development?

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Together we will make a difference

Hyundai Motor Company and the United Nations Development Programme are partnering to help bring local solutions to the world and celebrate grassroots innovations. We believe that by working together, corporations, institutions and individuals around the world can contribute to building a fairer and more sustainable world.

Solutions that fire up our imaginations and keep us motivated

Building the Future,
Brick by Brick
The inspiration behind Omar Vasquez’s Sargablock, an architectural brick made from the sargassum seaweed plaguing the beaches of the Riviera Maya, Mexico, was the memory of his grandmother’s adobe house. His innovation uses the invasive species to help build affordable housing throughout the Riviera Maya so that families can have their own homes.
The Power of the Crowd
Urban Space 100 is a community-owned restaurant and public space in Ukraine born from a crowdsourcing initiative. A hundred local investors came together to accelerate urban renewal and revitalization by starting a business that creates jobs, stimulates the economy, and reinjects 80% of its profits into the community.
Plastic Wood
In Accra, Ghana, Ibrahim mixes plastic waste, sand, and sawdust to turn it into what he calls “plastic wood.” With this mix of waste from all the upcycled material, he’s able to create new pieces of furniture and other products. On to a new life! His Plastic Wood operation employs 30 up-cyclers, most of which are women, and keeps nearly 2 tons of plastic per day out of landfills and drains in his city and the ocean.

The beginning of a meaningful, results-driven initiative

Taking an active role in the Decade of Action might seem beyond the reach of individuals around the world, but we don’t believe it needs to be this way.

The United Nations Development Programme uses its Accelerator Lab Network to amplify and accelerate local solutions, working to understand them in their contexts and building on the ingenuity of the men and women doing effective, on-the-ground work in the face of the world’s real sustainability challenges.

With for Tomorrow, we are opening a global network to connect innovators to each other and to global institutions so we can reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to create a more sustainable world for everyone. The 17 SDGs are integrated, recognizing that action in one area affects outcomes in others, and that development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability.
In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the SDGs and committed to reaching them by the year 2030. The SDGs set ambitious targets for governments, corporations and citizens alike. We’re on our way to creating a better world for everyone, but the immediate commitment of creativity, knowhow, technology and financial resources from all of society is necessary to achieve our goals.
With for Tomorrow, Hyundai Motor Company and the United Nations Development Programme are partnering to empower citizens like you to contributing to the work of the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Labs network. The worldwide network of 60 labs covers 78 countries and employs 180 field personnel dedicated to seeking out, testing, and implementing grassroots sustainability solutions just like yours.
Hyundai Motor Company believes that Progress for Humanity means progress for everyone. That will only happen if we collaborate to take steps towards tangible action. Governments, international organizations, corporations and individuals cannot create real, lasting change on their own, so we are channeling our efforts towards fostering partnerships that will lead to further advancements. Progress for Humanity is our vision – for Tomorrow is the plan.